Mark Twain

"Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it."

Vote Scott D Johnson

Scott D. Johnson 

Dakota County Commissioner 2020

Plan, Prioritize, Protect

I believe in thinking about the consequences, and cost, of government action first. What does the County need, what do we want, and what can we afford? Is spending my neighbor's money on a taxpayer funded project worthy of the effort they made to earn it? 

As President Reagan said "The government is the problem.  It is not the solution."  Too many career politicians think that they are smarter than the average citizen they represent and can do what they please with the public trust and money -- even in the face of massive public opposition to a building and spending project.   This has to stop.

If you believe in small, purposeful, limited government that represents the citizens needs first and one that does not continually grow for no higher purpose or against citizen wishes, one that will not waste your hard earned tax dollars -- write in Scott D. Johnson, Dakota County Commissioner, District 3.